Increase Blog Traffic – 10 Tips

These 10 tips to increase blog traffic will skyrocket the number of visitors your blog page receives. All are very actionable and in alignment with attraction marketing.

Use Photos or Images That are Appealing

A picture is worth 1,000 words as everybody knows. So don’t leave your blog post naked without at least one good photo that appeals to your target market!

Use subheadings

Subheadings make blog posts much easier to read and more attractive. People like to look over the subheadings first. The subheadings will entice folks to read the blog post.

Make a user-friendly link to your blog

Use or to make a user-friendly link to your blog page to use in some social media networks and other locations such as business cards where hyperlinks are not possible.

Put Your Blog Link Everywhere

Increase blog traffic by putting your blog page link on your business cards, flyers, letterhead, your email address signature, all your social media profiles, and in social media posts.

Turn Each Blog into Two SMM Posts

Create more than one social media post for each of your blog posts, with images, and a link to the corresponding blog post. You will find that on Facebook, if you paste the blog post link in the post description, Facebook will generate an image from your blog post. If it doesn’t, try again.

Create Videos from Your Blogs

Create videos from each blog post. Videos are very powerful in attracting attention and holding attention. You can use an app like Lumen5. It’s quick and easy! Post them on YouTube and other social media networks and link back to your blog post. You can see one I created from a blog post HERE.

Post Your Videos to Social Media

Post your videos to social media with a link to the corresponding blog post.

Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

Manually submit each blog post URL to search engines. See this article.

Publish a Newsletter Containing Blog Posts

Publish a newsletter with snippets of your blog posts with links to your blog posts. You can do the same with the videos you’ve created from your blog posts.

Post a Newsletter Signup Form on Social Media

Regularly post a link to a signup form for your newsletter. You can use ConstantContact. It is my favorite tool for email marketing.

More Stellar Tips for Increased Blog Traffic

If you would like my free total list of “34 Stellar Strategies for Increasing Blog Traffic” just click here and request it.

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