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Marketing during a Crisis

Marketing during a Crisis can be challenging for many reasons. Here are tips to help you with marketing your business during uncertain times. Your customers or clients might be stressed, and possibly buying less from you during a crisis time. How do you compensate for this and build your business? What are some ways to market your business so it will thrive in a stressed or anxious community?

Define Your Target Market

Carefully consider, if you haven’t already, who your ideal client is. Make an avatar of them. What is their gender, age, career, and income? A business owner? Own a home? Have a family? Pets? Hobbies? Interests? Likes and dislikes? Read more.

What Concerns Your Target Market Most Currently?

Are they anxious about their health? Safety? Income? Getting what they need? Being Stressed? Being bored? Not being able to get the supplies they need? Get into their head and think about what’s most on their mind now.

How Can Your Business Help Them?

What about their lives can you make easier, more fun, less expensive, safer, healthier, calmer, simpler, or more convenient? Make a list of all the ways your business can help with their concerns now. Think outside of the box. Be creative. Write down every idea that comes to you.

What Are Your Selling Points?

What are your strengths and that of your business? How can you enrich the lives of your customers/clients in this time of crisis? Make a list. Be thorough.

Adjust if Needed

Is there anything you need to adjust in your business, like making your goods or services available online? Holding webinars, demonstrations, meetings, classes online? How can you influence the decision-makers at this time? Again, be creative.

Market More, Not Less

Even though it may be challenging to market more during this time, it is essential. How is your marketing budget? If it is challenged, make the most of free marketing. Make the most of paid and free marketing by analyzing the results. Adjust your marketing accordingly and analyze it again.

Consider Outsourcing Your Marketing

Perhaps you are finding that time is precious and you want to be focused more on achieving your goals than the tasks and details of marketing. You can save time and money by outsourcing. Then you don’t have to do the marketing yourself or rely on an employee to do it. You wouldn’t have to provide office space, equipment, furniture, office supplies, software, apps, training, sick time, vacation time, worker’s comp payments, etc. You don’t have to deal with hiring an employee or supervising them to do your marketing. At Attraction Unlimited Marketing, we do all that for you. We offer a free half-hour consultation to see if we are a fit for your business. To schedule a time, contact us.

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