Email marketing for growth

Email Marketing for Growth

Why use Email Marketing?

Email marketing for growth is powerful! Email marketing is a way to grow your business by building your email list. Having a large email list allows you to promote your products and services effectively. According to Optinmonster, “60% of consumers subscribe to a brand’s email list to receive promotional messages compared to 20% of consumers who will follow brands on social media to get deals.”

Simple ways to increase your list:

  1. Create amazing, attractive email content. Include information your subscribers are looking for.
  2. With each sale, request an email address. Be sure all your current customers are on your email list.
  3. Have a free offer of something simple to create that you will give in return for people’s email addresses. This could be a list of tips, tools, or even a how-to document or video.
  4. Hold an online contest and ask for email addresses in order to enter.
  5. Add a hyperlink for email news sign-ups on the signatures of your email and that of your employees. Make it easy for people to sign up.
  6. Ask for feedback from visitors to your website. You can create a form or even use a chat tool on your website. Invite them to give feedback and ask questions.
  7. Create a blog that website visitors can subscribe to. Not only do blog posts help increase your ranking on search engines, but they can also be a way to collect emails from subscribers.
  8. If you have a brick-and-mortar site, sign customers up at the register for an e-newsletter. Let them know there will be coupons available to those who receive emails from your business.

Don’t End Up in the Spam Folder

Be sure that your sent emails do not end up in spam folders! We highly recommend using ConstantContact for emailing. It can create an automated series of emails that you set up for new sign-ups, sales campaigns, birthdays, and more. ConstantContact is easy to use, with a “drag and drop” format. ConstantContact has very high deliverability. In other words, your list will receive the emails. Best of all, their customer service is top-notch: Highly available, friendly, and knowledgeable. Receive a 30% discount for your first three months by signing up for ConstantContact through us at THIS LINK.

(Disclosure: We receive remuneration for all who sign up for ConstantContact through us.)

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