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Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency

This is What You Really Need to Know.

Where do you start when looking to hire a social media marketing agency? The first thing we often get asked is “What are your rates?” To answer that we need to know what specific services you want. So, let us tell you some better questions to start out with that will give you an idea of what we can do for you. After we meet for a free consultation and once we know your specific needs, we can write a proposal for you for the work you wish me to do It will give you options from which to choose and the prices.


“Can You Write a Custom Social Media Marketing Plan For Me?”

There is a saying: “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” This definitely applies to social media marketing! Just like having a business plan, you need a custom social media marketing plan. This includes strategies to build your audience, engage them, and get leads of potential clients. We have researched these strategies thoroughly. We have a lot of experience writing custom social media marketing plans and would be happy to write one for you!


“Can You Create a Social Media Account for me? On What Platforms?”

This will tell you if the social media marketing manager can create, from scratch, a social media account for you and if they can do so on the platform you wish, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This is a service we provide at Attraction Unlimited Marketing.


“Can You Design Custom Graphics for Posting to Social Media? Can I See Some Examples of Your Work?”

This is an important skill for a social media marketing manager to have. It’s good to see examples of their work and ask if they can do different designs that you may have in mind. No portfolio is going to have the full range of designs the social media manager is capable of. To see samples of our designs, visit: ​Portfolio


“Can You Write the Posts for Me? What is Your Experience?”

Social media marketing managers must be able to write great copy in excellent English (or whatever language you need). It must be clear, concise and compelling. Ask for examples. We would be happy to show you samples upon request.


“Can You Schedule My Posts for Me?”

Social media marketing managers should not only be capable of scheduling your posts for you but should be able to know ideal times and days based on research for each platform you choose. I have researched this thoroughly. Additionally, I can analyze your accounts to find out if those times and days are ideal for your audience.


“Can You Help Me with Managing Engagement On Social Media?”

Often a business owner does not have time to make sure every new follower is welcomed, that inactive accounts are unfollowed, that all comments are replied to. Engagement is essential in order to build relationships with potential clients. We have the experience and knowledge about how to best draw out engagement on your social media accounts. Perhaps you want an online community. We can help with that as well.


“Can You Integrate Email Marketing with Social Media Marketing?”

Not all social media marketing managers do email marketing, but hopefully they can integrate the two marketing strategies. We can do email marketing for you, creating a newsletter, or even a simple email and send it out to your list. We can also schedule posts for newsletter sign-up in order to build your list.


“What’s Our Next Step?”

Social media marketing managers should be willing to carefully listen to your needs and explain what services they offer to meet those needs. Read more about our social media marketing services. We offer a free consultation for small to medium business owners seeking help with social media marketing. You can contact us for an appointment at Contact or email us at

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