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Interview with Ade Anifowose, Part Two

Visionary. Intuitive Healer. Life Coach. Podcast Host. Writer.

I’m here with Ade for part two of a three-part interview. Ade has just told me about his transformation, which you can read in Part One of the interview with Ade.


Nate: That is very beautiful, Ade. How would you summarize your ministry at this time?

Ade: It is a healing ministry. I teach spiritual empowerment and remind people of the healing power of love.

Nate: Wonderful! Love is indeed powerful. It heals all and overcomes all obstacles. Where can people access your message and learn more about you? Do you have a website?

Finding Ade Online

Ade: Yes, I have a website. It is I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My handle is @LifeCoachAde

Nate: Readers should check out your website and follow you on social media. Which social media platform works best for your ministry and how do you use it to reach people?

Ade: Right now, I would say it is Facebook and then followed by Instagram. I use it to share my services and I also broadcast live. I broadcast my Podcast – “BEIng You” live, every Tuesday at 1 pm Eastern on Facebook and YouTube.

“BEing You”

Nate: Fantastic! Please describe the main focus of your “BEing You” podcast.

“BEing You” is a podcast about the “Journey Back to Self.”  The show invites listeners to take a deeper look at themselves, a deeper look at how they see the world, how they see themselves in the world, and how they see the world in themselves.

Marketing as a Spiritual Leader

Nate: How are you currently marketing your ministry?

Ade: Marketing is an art and it is constantly changing and growing. Especially with regards to social media platforms. I am doing the best with what I know but I can say that I am open to working with someone as passionate about marketing, as I am about healing and teaching. So, I am trusting that this question is my answered prayer. Yup! And so it shall be! Ase!!!

Nate: Nice! And I would be more than happy to work with you. How long have you been doing this?

Ade: At 25 years now

Spiritual Leaders who Inspire You

Nate: Who are your favorite spiritual leaders and why?

Ade: I have many. I will name a few of them.

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

Ade: Rev. Deborah L Johnson, Rev. D, who we both know. She was one of my spiritual midwives, and still mentor and a good friend. She has supported me through many rebirthing experiences. Every conversation we have, she is always dropping spiritual bombs, that ripples through my consciousness.

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

Ade: Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner another one of my spiritual midwives.

Ade: What I love about Rev D and Rev Mary is, they both have a way of communicating universal spiritual principles in a way that leaves you feeling, “Oh, yeah!!! I knew that!!!” They wake up the truth in you with such simplicity and clarity. And they have played a major role in my journey, who I am today, and why I do what I do. Also, they constantly support me as I continue to give myself to show up fully, in all of my humanness and spiritualness, if that is a word. It is now because I say so.

Michael Beckwith, DD

Ade: Michael Bernard Beckwith, seeing another black man teaching spiritual truth and doing it with such passion in ways that mirror expression, was affirming and gave me permission to be who I am unapologetically, and to trust the Voice within. In my early days of spiritual awakening, way before “The Secret” he was very influential. When I hear him speak, his words would pierce my heart and mind.

Brother Ishmael Tetteh

Ade: Brother Ishmael Tetteh. Brother Ishmael affirmed me, as someone with Nigerian roots. He restored my belief and appreciation for African Spirituality. The Western world has a way of sidelining African Spirituality. They demonized our practice, tradition, and culture. Christianity played a major role in that process. They did their job so well, that Africans rejected their own spirituality. There is so much more I can say about that but we can leave that for another conversation. Brother Ishmael, an African Mystic, shows up in all of his glory, his Africanness, and boldly speaks of African Spirituality, the ways of our Ancestors, and the power of our spirituality and how it can restore that resource-full and beauty-full continent.

Ade: I have interviewed him and spoken with him several times, I always come away feeling healed, whole, as if my spirit had a spiritual chiropractic adjustment.

Rickie Byars

Ade: Rickie Byars. Rickie carries Spirit in a very transparent way. When you talk with her or in her presence, you feel Spirit. She is authentic, funny, open, and available. She makes you feel seen.

Ade: There are others but I will stop there.

Nate: I haven’t met Rev. Ruffner who sounds wonderful. I agree with you that these spiritual leaders are powerful and carry a message that transforms lives. That is awesome that you had an interview with Brother Tetteh!

Support What Blesses You

Nate: Thank you. And how can people support your ministry?

Ade: I am available to speak and teach groups. Of course, it has to be virtually right now. Then when it is safe to interact after this pandemic, we can do in-person events. I am also available for coaching.  Also, join my mailing list, on my website –

Next: Read Part Three of this interview – coming soon!

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